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Congratulations on taking the first steps to pursuing your degree through an online university.

Online universities allow students to pursue their degree online without having to step foot onto a campus. Say good-bye to walking to class in the rain or looking for a parking spot for 20 minutes!

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6 million other students can't be wrong? * That's right 6,000,000 other people right now are taking online classes and that number keeps growing.

Seeking a degree from an online university allows you to fit higher education into your current lifestyle. You can now check your grades on your smart phone including Droid, Apple, etc. (Smart phones not required) and participate in group discussions while riding the train home from work. Technology has made it more attainable then ever to pursue your aspirations.

How cool is it to pursue your online degree from anywhere in the word, at any time. You will still have deadlines for your assignments, but you won’t have to fit attending a certain class-time in your schedule.

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