4 Things that DO NOT happen while Living in College Dorms

Ready to find out what life is like as a college student? Perhaps you want to know first what does not happen while living in college dorms!


1. Your Roommates Will Be Your Best Friends
Although you might be thrilled for a meet and greet with handful of new girls or guys, you have to remember everyone is raised differently. Many people will not share the same viewpoints as you in terms of cleanliness, manners, and other aspects that affect your situation as roommates. What some view as disrespectful, others will not think anything of it. So try not to be too upset if the first week is awesome and all smiles while the next is a nightmare. You will make at least one friend whether it is someone in your dorm, class, or club.


2. You Will Feel Like an Adult
Let’s face it: you are out on your own for the first time in your entire life and you have to share bunk beds with a stranger. You certainly thought you would feel grown up, but it is anything but. You most likely won’t even have a stove, full-size refrigerator, or private shower in your dorm room, so how could you possibly feel like you are truly on your own. Don’t worry; you will eventually become a full-fledge adult complete with monthly bills.


3. Every Night is a Party Night
You aren’t even 21 years old yet the first year of college. You also have a residential advisor that will be checking in on you and your roommates randomly. Even if you aren’t drinking, but have alcohol in your dorm room, you may be subject to punishment. Although some nights you will be able to have a girl’s or guy’s night out at the 18 and up club, every night will not be wild and crazy. After all, you have early classes to attend.


4. You Won’t Miss Home
You are surrounded by strangers. You have to buy your own meals, which are far from the home cooking you are used to. You are miles from a recognizable mall, restaurant, or park. You do not get to see your friends, family, or pets on a regular basis. As much as you love to venture out on your own and experience new things in life, it is a big change. For nearly two decades of your life, you have become accustom to a traditional routine with familiar faces. You have to force yourself not to be home sick. It is a good idea to call home, FaceTime or Skype with friends, and travel for the holidays.

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