8 Benefits of Online Education

The world of online learning is almost endless. You can enroll in a 4-year Bachelor’s program or enroll in a 30-day certificate course. Think of a few hobbies you have and Google them: “(my obscure hobby/interest) online course”. Did you find something? Did you find multiple choices?

Vast Array of Subjects

That is one of the first benefits of education online: the great number of subjects you can study. You can study mainstream careers such as business administration and medical billing or you can study unique subject such as furniture making and the science of happiness. Before education became more mainstream online, you would have to travel to and live in an unknown place to study your dream career but thanks to our modernizations, you can learn just about anything from the comfort of your home.

Multiple Communication Channels

In an online course, you have multiple ways to communicate with your professor. Though you cannot talk face to face with them, you can still communicate effectively via sources such as email, live chat and the handy dandy telephone! I’m sure many professors will text their students as well since so many millennials never really learned how to hold a normal adult, real life, conversation. J/K 😊 LOL

Save Money on Tuition

Most online classes will also save you money. Since there are no costs for classrooms and equipment, that savings helps the students. As long as you have what you need at home, you are fully supplied and ready to learn. It is important to note that this is not the case for every online school. Some online classes may even charge a little more so please make sure you are fully aware of tuition prices before enrolling.

Custom Learning Environment

Another great benefit to online education is the opportunity to create your own customized learning environment. Everyone studies and learns in their own way. If your way is on the couch, in your pajamas, with a venti vanilla latte and your lab top in your lap, then that’s perfect for learning online. You do not have to be confined to a classroom or library while learning online. You can create your own personal learning space that meets your individual needs and wants. Just make sure distractions are removed so you can concentrate and put your best foot forward. Sometimes online learners get distracted from their jobs, family, pets, ect. and find themselves falling behind in their studies. I recommend you find a space that is clear from all distractions and find a time that is solely for your studies.


For my environmentalists out there, online education is eco-friendly. How so? For starters, you do not have to drive or commute to your classes. You avoid adding more wear and tear to your vehicle and save money on gas/public transport. Think of how much less pollution all online learners contribute to. Secondly, the materials manufactured for classroom learning such as textbooks and desks, are eliminated in an online environment, thus reducing pollution and emissions. Thirdly, large campus buildings use a ton of energy through power and heat. As an online student, you are using about 90% less energy. Construction of buildings for learning also use resources such as metal, plastic and wood so by enrolling online, you are helping to reduce to demand for these raw products. One of the greatest ways to help save our planet is reducing the use of paper! Help save thousands of trees and the forest animals that live in them by eliminating the need to buy books. All of your reading materials will be on your computer. No trees harmed.

Prestigious Colleges Offer Online Courses

I have heard that some students think an online education may not look as prestigious as a campus education on their resumes. This is untrue. In fact, completing your degree online proves to your future employer that you are focused and self-motivated. Did you know that you can obtain an online degree from some of the top colleges in the nation? Ohio State University offers Bachelor degree programs entirely online in subjects such as registered nursing, allied health/medical assisting and dental hygiene. University of Florida has online Bachelor degree programs in criminology, sport and fitness administration, business administration and management, community health and preventive medicine and more. So, if it is the reputation of your college choice you are concerned with, remember some of the best schools in the nation offer programs online.

Improve Self-Discipline Skills

In any career, self-discipline is a strong and helpful skill to have. Employers seek employees who can be self-motivated enough to get their work done without someone guiding them or reminding them constantly about an upcoming deadline. Online school is the epitome of self-discipline. Unlike a brick and mortar college, being an online student means you must login and put the work in all on your own will. There will be no reminders from a classmate you see in the hall reminding you about your group project or a set day and time to show up for class. You must set your schedule and set it up for success.

Work and Study Simultaneously

If you were to be a full-time student at a campus college, you would not be able to work full time, too. There are just not enough hours in the day. Since you do not have to attend classes at a certain designated time, you can adjust your school hours around your work schedule. This is really amazing for adult learners who need to earn an income to support their family and pay their bills but still want to further their education and grow their career.

There are more benefits to learning online than we have covered. The advantages, though, are to each his/her own. Your perception and attitude towards taking college classes online will determine your success and your GPA. If you go into it with a poor attitude, you can expect to fail. If you go into it with a positive mindsight, you will achieve greatness!