All About Internships

How to Get an Internship

When choosing a field to study, you should find something that you have a passion for, that draws your attention and something you will be happy doing five years from now. Some students may read about jobs, see jobs on TV or just picture what a job entails. Until the student actually experiences the job first hand, they really don’t know what to expect. This is why most schools enforce students to complete an internship before they graduate, giving the student the opportunity to experience the job first hand. During an internship, students perform tasks and shadow different people in their area of study. Internships are exceptional ways for students to apply and test the theories and skills they have learned in their coursework.  Plus, students gain practical experience that may prove beneficial when they are entering the job market after graduation.

Your search for an internship actually begins with your involvement on campus.  Many campus activities can help you develop skills that can help you land an internship.  It’s unlikely that you’ll walk right out of Los Angeles Film School and into an internship with MTV, but if you start by getting an internship with a radio station in your hometown, you can work your way up to that big-time internship! The more experience you have, the more prepared you will be for all aspects of the job. Almost all universities have a Career Center on campus where students can go to discuss their plans for the future and also find suitable internships that they can apply for. The benefit of working an internship affiliated with your school is that it is already approved and it will work to fulfill your internship requirement. There are several internships that interest students, however career schools may not approve them as a valid internship. If the internship is not approved by the school you would need to research all of the information so you can later present it to the university and complete the Internship Approval form. Once the internship is approved and meets the schools requirements, they will enroll you in an appropriate communications class which will be the course that gives you assignments and credits for your completion.

Internship deadlines vary widely.  Most are due at the end of the fall semester or beginning of the spring semester.  If you plan to complete an internship over the summer, you should begin identifying potential internship options no later than Fall Break.  Make a list of the internships for which you wish to apply and their deadlines.  If you’ve applied and haven’t heard back, be sure to follow up.  Lots of people get jobs and internships because they communicate to the employer that they’re the person who is most interested. Many schools have certain requirements you must meet before you can move on to your internship such as having a high enough GPA (usually 2.5) or a number of credits you must have accumulated. Also there are prerequisite classes that more than likely must be taken prior to completing your internship but it’s is all based on what the school requires.

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