Be Your Own Boss

Careers that can make you your own boss

Many Americans are discovering the joys and freedom of working for themselves. Working for yourself and being your own boss doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an entrepreneur and start your own business. In fact, many Americans decide to go to school, get their education and degree and then work from home and/or freelance their skills. If you’re business savvy and have great marketing skills, you can work directly with clients and customers.
There are a few misconceptions about working for yourself and the requirements it takes. One is that people believe they just need street smarts and self motivation to start a business and keep it running long enough to earn net revenue. In actuality, someone who wants to work for their self should go to school first. Building an education and earning a degree or certificate not only develops your skills and knowledge but it enables your creditability to your clients. offers hundreds of degree and career training programs that can lead you towards an independent career. Here are the top five “Be Your Own Boss” careers as found from Yahoo Education

  1. Home Health Aide – Nurses can work directly in their clients’ home and earn up to $20,000 a year part time. Working part time allows a home health aide to simultaneously raise a family and/or go to school to continue their education. Most states require that their home health aides have an associate medical degree. You can be self-employed or work through an agency.
  2. Private Investigator – P.I.’s are required to have a criminal justice or related degree. They also work unusual hours. Private investigators can make up to $32,000 a year working full time but they can also work part time to allocate time to go to school.
  3. Freelance Database Administrator – Since almost every business relies on some type of database system, they need someone to help with system problems, updates and errors. A database administrator with a degree in technology can work freelance and work for several companies on their own schedule.
  4. Personal Chef – Chefs with a degree in culinary arts may have several clients and work as many or as little hours as they want. Personal chefs make $33,000 a year on average and avoid working in high stress environments such as restaurants and banquet halls.
  5. Graphic Designer – Since graphic and web design can be done on any personal computer, graphic designers can work freelance for businesses and/or individuals right from their home. Similar to a personal chef, they can choose how many clients they want to take on and earn up to $38,000 a year.

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