Careers in the Medical Field

Do you think you have what it takes to work in the medical field?

If so, when exploring different jobs the medical field offers, you should decide if you want to work in the fast paced hospital setting, in the clerical, business field or specialize in something such as physical therapy or counseling. The medical field is a very demanding field to work in. You must have the determination, the drive and the patience to be able to handle all that it requires. Listed below are some of the various careers that are available in the medical field. You can find the right career training at hundreds of different medical schools at


To become a medical doctor, one must complete an intensive program of graduate and undergraduate studies, followed by extensive hands-on training via a clinical residency in a hospital setting. While attending medical school, future physicians select a specialty, such as family medicine, pediatrics or obstetrics. Physicians must pass board certifications and go through state licensing procedures prior to going to work. Doctors tend to be the most highly compensated medical professionals, whether working in a private practice or for corporate groups.

Physical Therapists and PTAs

Physical Therapy professionals, including licensed Physical Therapists and certified Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) are in high demand in the medical field. Individuals who work in this capacity help patients with physical disabilities and well as those who are recovering from injuries that impair their physical mobility.
Physical Therapists must complete intense undergraduate and graduate-level education and training prior to becoming licensed to practice in their state. PTAs must complete a formal, yet shorter, program of study and are also required to fulfill state-specific licensure requirements.


Nursing is among the highest demand career fields. There is a great need for qualified nursing professionals in both hospital and outpatient healthcare settings. Becoming a nurse also requires a prescribed program of study. The number of hours required vary on the type of nursing an individual wishes to study. Licensed Practical Nurse
(LPN) programs typically run between 18 and 24 months in duration. Those seeking to earn a Bachelor of Science (BSN) in Nursing or Registered Nurse (RN) typically spend four or more years in training.
Each state has its own licensing requirements and licensure is necessary to gain employment as a nurse. Most states require regular continuing education to maintain licensure. Those seeking further advancement may pursue graduate degrees or advanced practice credentialing, such as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Nurse Practitioner. Many non-clinical tasks must be performed to provide comprehensive healthcare for patients in all types of medical settings.

Practice Management

With the current trend towards large, multiple physician practices, the field of practice management has expanded greatly. Many lower level office administration positions get promoted to practice managers. Others enter the field after completing a prescribed program of study in Healthcare Administration. Licensure is not required to work in this industry, but most hospitals and large practices prefer to hire individuals with specific certifications to manage their offices. Popular certifications in this field include:

  • Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE)
  • Certified Medical Manager
  • Registered Medical Manager

Medical Billing and Coding

Most patients rely on their private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid to cover the costs of necessary medical treatments. Medical practices, hospitals and other healthcare providers rely on timely payment of invoices for services rendered in order to pay staff salaries and support operations. Medical billing and coding professionals fill the important role of processing and filing insurance claims on behalf of patients and following up to make sure that payment is made per the terms and conditions of each individual policy.
Some individuals move into this field after working in other clinical or non-clinical aspects of the medical field. Others become medical billing and coding professionals following completion of a prescribed course of study. There is no specific licensure or certification requirements to become a medical billing and coding specialist, but many organizations prefer to hire certified professionals.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Careers at medical offices, clinics and hospitals are very important but developing and marketing new medications is also a valuable part of the medical field as well. Pharmacies provide physicians access to all the latest medicines and equipment they may need to prescribe to their patients. In addition to employing large staffs of clinical researchers, pharmaceutical companies hire sales representatives to market their latest discoveries to physicians, hospitals and other healthcare agencies. Individuals with strong communication skills, the ability to work independently and are able to project positive professional images may be good candidates for employment in this field.

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