College Application Advice from Real High School Seniors

The college application process can be overwhelming between the essays, financial aid information forms and deadlines.  High school juniors should begin to think about the college application process, as early as this summer.  Here are a few tips from high school seniors from University Prep Academy High School:

    • Retake your ACT or SAT exams, at least once. Colleges prefer to see multiple scores.  Plus, you can strive to achieve higher scores.
    • Start requesting your recommendation letters, from teachers and counselors, as soon as possible.
    • Search for colleges and universities that offer your program of interest and are in your area. Start here with our easy College Finder Tool!
    • Look at the colleges you are qualified for and want to go to. Check their qualifications such as GPA and test scores.
    • Strive for the A’s! You have come this far, don’t start slacking off now!
    • Speak to your school counselor about your college options. They are there to help you.
    • Apply for financial aid early.
    • Check your deadlines; they will sneak up on you!

Do your research on local scholarships.  A simple Google search could lead you in the direction to finding a scholarship you never knew existed.  Even if it’s only $1000 or less, every little bit helps!

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Both high school juniors and seniors should be thinking about their future and where they want to go to college.  Taking time off in between high school and college may not be a great idea.  If you decide to wait on college, for say a year, you will probably work full or part-time and start to enjoy your free time a little too much.  Getting back into the routine of studying, going to class and test taking can be daunting.  You may end up dropping out or not even going at all.  Getting a college education is integral to your future.  To all those high school seniors and juniors out there: Start your college applications now!

By Jamii Peterson