All About the Cover Letter

How to Write your Cover Letter

If you are finishing up school or looking for a new career or job chances are you will need a cover letter. A cover letter is used to introduce yourself. In a cover letter, you state who you are and why you are writing to a hiring manager, a recruiter or owner of a company. A cover letter should be brief because it’s typically sent with your resume in which details are more explained. It should not be longer than three short paragraphs. Be sure to include why you are writing, what you have to offer, and how you intend to follow up.

If you have been referred to by a mutual friend or a former employer, do not forget to mention this in your cover letter. It will help you and in some cases, even give you a little credibility. If you’re writing because you’ve seen a job posting, than refer to where you saw it and include the title of the position as well. If you’re cover letter is just about inquiring about possible job openings, than make sure you include a clear and concise job objective.

In your cover letter, you should write about what you have to offer the company you are reaching out to. Refer to your skills and qualifications and talk about some of the experience you’ve had that is relevant to the position you are seeking. You can provide extra little tidbits that support your resume but maybe didn’t have enough space on your resume to include. If you were a manager at some point in your job history, highlight your leadership skills or the fact that you have the ability to command attention. Also, include how your education and past work skills can be used in this position you’re interested in.

In the concluding paragraph, mention that you’ll call to set up an appointment for an interview at a convenient time for the both of you. You should also mention a time frame in which you’ll call, so that it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. Contact the company to make sure that they’ve received your cover letter as well as your resume. If you’re seeking a job that’s out of state for you, mention that you’ll be in town during a certain time and would like to meet with the hiring manager or whoever is in charge of interviewing.

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You can also add that references are available upon request.