Fastest Growing Jobs in 2015

If you are looking for a new career or advancement in your current job, you may want to consider one of these top ten fastest growing jobs in 2015.


1.Laboratory Supervisor

30% projected increase in 10-year job growth. Supervise and oversee all Technologists within your department.


2.Content Strategist

Median pay is $80,000. Achieve business goals by maximizing the commercial impact of content, most frequently web/digital information.


3.Marketing Consultant

Media pay is $90,700. Create and implement marketing strategies centered on the core of the business and what services/products they offer.


4.Research Analyst

32% projected growth increase in 10 years. Study consumer preferences and buying habits to help companies more effectively market their products and services.


5.Product Marketing Specialist

Median pay is $67,600. Analyze data on a local, regional or national level and determine what people are buying.


6.Product Analyst

32% projected growth increase in 10 years. Identify research-informed opportunities for improvement in monetization and engagement in companies’ products and services.


7.Lead Physical Therapist

Median pay is $84,700. Oversee the delivery of care to patients, instruct caregivers and help develop a strategy and routine for patient final discharge from care center.


8.Hand Therapist

36% projected growth increase in 10 years. Physical or occupational therapy focused on the hands. Help patients with exercises, test and measure their abilities and help with other injuries.


9.IT Security Consultant

Median pay is $110,000. Prevent security threats such as computer hackers and terrorists for businesses.


10.Info Assurance Analyst

37% projected growth increase in 10 years. Plan, implement, upgrade or monitor security measures for the protection of computer networks and information.

These are just some of the top careers in 2015, but you can find many more by completing a free school search here!


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