How to Become an Automotive Service Mechanic

Become a Technician or Automotive Service Mechanic!


If you enjoy cars and working on them, and aren’t afraid of technology, then a career in the automotive industry may be for you. In a variety of settings, automotive mechanics or technicians are in demand. Government agencies, Gas Station Garages and even Car Dealerships are looking for automotive professionals. There is a wide range of opportunity and possibilities for people that complete automotive technology training and get their certification.

What Mechanics Do

Mechanics work with all sorts of vehicle systems and parts, from the steering, air conditioning system, seat belts, tire repairs, and much more. From corporations to small garages, a technician must familiarize him or herself with all of these systems to diagnose a customers’ problems, but at larger garages mechanics will specialize in a particular area. Technicians must be able to use a wide range of tools and have strong problem-solving skills to locate and repair problems at a moment’s notice.

Training and Certification

As vehicles become more advanced with technology, employing will become more intricate for the electronic and computer systems, technicians must keep improving. While in the United States there are no mandatory certifications required, most of the technicians today will complete a great amount of certifications and training. Few technicians will complete high school level certifications, while many others will apply for two year degrees in the automotive field.

Due to rapid changes in technology nowadays mechanics and technicians are recommended to refresh their licenses or/and certifications every couple of years.

How to Get Started

How to become a mechanic – Americolleges highly recommends passionate mechanics begin by finding (Automotive Training Program) opportunities.