How to Dress for an Interview

What is considered appropriate to wear for one job interview might not be for another. For example, if you are in advertising, photography or another creative industry, clean jeans and a t-shirt are suitable. In these creative fields, piercings, tattoos and bright colored hair are examples of how individuals express themselves and they generally won’t hurt them when trying to snag a job. But, this type of presentation will not work for other, more corporate careers.

Generally, men’s interview attire consists of either an ironed, long sleeve shirt and unwrinkled pants in a solid color or a suit. Think dark socks, belt and little jewelry. Make sure your hair is in place and that you look clean. If you need to bring documents with you like a resume or references, carry a briefcase with you. If you need to bring in a laptop, carry it in a laptop bag. Also, make sure your phone is off once you walk into the interview. All your attention should be devoted to the discussion you are having with your potential employer.

For women, if you’re trying to get a job in the business or legal field, wear a power suit to the interview. You’ll feel confident and in control. Make sure you have a button down shirt and proper shoes with a heel that is no more than three inches. You can also wear coordinated separates such as a pair of pants with a matching shirt or skirt and a blouse. In a job interview, be sure to not draw attention to your sexuality. Make sure your nails are manicured with a neutral nail polish color. Avoid unprofessional colors such as blue, black, or yellow. As far as makeup is concerned, look natural and don’t pick that day to experiment with colors or technique. No glitter or harsh colors. Your hair should look professional and in place. It shouldn’t cover your eyes, because you need to be able to look at your potential employer. As a rule of thumb, just try to look clean and polished. Bring into the interview only the items that are relevant; paperwork, an extra pen, your references. Do not bring in food or drinks. wishes you the best of luck on your next job interview! Americolleges the nationwide online directory for career schools, is the ideal place to find the technical school to fit your needs. All you have to do is select your career, your program and tell us what state you live in. Our website will populate all that information and give you results of what career training schools will work for you. You’ll have over 300 school programs and hundreds of career schools to choose from. We also have some great content and resources to help you out with after you graduate and are ready to get on the job market.