How to Get a Higher Salary

How to Negotiate Your Salary in an Interview

In this tough economic market, many people are just happy to land a job but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have high expectation or that you shouldn’t get paid for your talent. Think about what you’re worth, what your knowledge, skills and capabilities are worth to this company you’re interviewing with. If a company is interested in you and you become a solid candidate, negotiating a salary is almost expected. Remember, you’ll be bringing in money for your new employer, you’ll be an asset.

As fast as when to ask about the salary, wait for your potential employer to bring up the subject. Typically, the salary conversation comes up during the interviewing process. But, if the job listing asks you to put in a number, research a little about the industry you’d like to get into and put an amount you feel is fair and respectable. You can also put in a range, which implies that you’d accept the lower end of the salary especially if the company offers a great benefit package or offers to pay for parking or any other extras.

When the subject of remuneration comes up, definitely aim higher, but still stay within reason. You’ll be negotiating after all, and probably come to a point where both you and your future employer are happy. You can always discuss to have your salary reviewed within 6 months or a year. So, if you do well, you’ll be rewarded for that. How much you ask also has to do with the industry you’re in, depending on whether that career field is growing or struggling. If you’re in healthcare, for example, which is a booming industry right now, then you’ll be able to ask for more money per year.

How to ask is a crucial part of negotiating your salary. Your tone, your body language, what you actually say, all of those things become a factor. Make sure though that you make your potential employer understand that your really want the job and you feel you’re worth the extra money by touching on a few points that justify that increases in salary. That’s where your education and past job experiences come into play. Expose why you are different than other candidates that might have applied for the job too.

These tips and advice should help you get the salary you want. Good luck from

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