How to Write a Killer Personal Essay

As if senior year of high school isn’t hectic enough, you are forced to plan your future amidst all the fun! You know which colleges you are interested in attending and have suckered your favorite teachers into providing top of the line recommendations. Now what? Most applications are not complete without a personal essay or statement. The tips below can assist in reducing anxiety and writing¬†a killer essay!

1. Thoroughly answer the questions presented. While this may seem like a “duh” statement, common sense is not so common! Seriously, it is easy to get off topic when trying to convince someone that you are what their school needs. Stay on task!

2. Sale yourself. This skill is vital to your future success. Might as well start now! This is the time to highlight your accomplishments, as well as experiences. Be modest of course; No one likes a bragger.

3. Make it meaningful. What personal traits have you developed from your past experiences? How has a particular event shaped you as a human being? What leadership capabilities do you possess? Why have you chosen the career path you are seeking?

4. Read, read, and read again. Even the best writers have editing teams. Share your essay with at least two other people so they may assist with proofreading and editing. The last thing you want is a grammatical error that could have been easily prevented.

5. Breathe! As with all things in life, do your best and breathe. Give it your all and be confident that you will get accepted to the college or school that is the right fit for you.