5 Interview Tips

Unlike the movie starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, an interview is actually very important in landing your dream job!  After you have spent months or even years of furthering you education at a college or university, you deserve to be rewarded with finding a career that best suits you.

Interviewing can be stressful if you are not prepared.  But, by following these simple interview tips, you can walk into your next interview with confidence and your head held high.

    1. Research – Do your homework on the company you are interviewing for. Spend some time reading the company’s website, their latest achievements, news, etc.   That way, you will have an educated response to questions such as “What would you say is the biggest opportunity ABC Company has in the next 5 years?”


    1. Clear Your Social Media – You should never post photos, statuses, Tweets, etc. Online that you do not want the entire world to potentially see.  About 90% of employers search applicant’s social media so posting the photo of you last week doing a keg stand in your bikini is not a very good idea.  Before you even begin sending out resumes, clear out any profanity or indecent photos from all of your social media platforms.


    1. Create your Story – Almost always, one of the first questions an employer asks is something along the lines of “Tell me about yourself”. Before your interview, think about why you really want this job and what drove you to pursue a career in the industry.  Ensure your story has depth and meaning and that you are not just a professional but a person with a heart and feelings.


    1. Dress to Impress – Of course, you want to dress professionally to an interview but think about what you wear a little bit more. Will your outfit represent who you are?  Try adding a subtle accessory that may spark a conversation.  For example, wearing a small pin on your jacket with your homeland’s flag or a piece of jewelry you got from your travels. Having trouble deciding what to wear for your interview? Follow these simple tips


    1. Prepare for “PAR” – Many employers ask interviewees questions that are open ended that involve a problem, action and result. If you are asked, “Tell me about a time you struggled in your former workplace”? ; you should give them the problem, what was the situation?, the action, what did you do you fix it? , and the result, what changed after?


Don’t worry about if you have enough experience or if they will like you or not.  Just believe in yourself and remember that they would be lucky to have you on their team!  Good luck! 

Jamii Peterson