5 Myths About Online Education

Online learning has become ever more popular over the past few years but there are a few misconceptions that should to be addressed.  If you unsure about enrolling in an online school; check out these myths about online education to clear your misconceptions.

Myth 1: Earning your Degree Online is easy.  Online learning is no easier than learning at a brick and mortar campus.   Online students do have more flexibility but they still have to complete the same assignments and projects that are required of campus students.  If you are considering an online education, be aware that you will not have an instructor reminding you that your paper is due on Friday; you have to manage your time and schedule yourself.

Myth 2: Online Courses are not accredited.  Regardless if a school is online or on campus, accreditation varies.  Many online programs are fully accredited.  Do yourself a favor and research potential colleges and universities to discover if they are accredited or not.  You can either find more information on their website or ask your admissions advisor.

Myth 3: The quality of Online Learning is lower.  Instructors who teach courses online are certified to meet their college’s academic standards.  Teaching via the web forces both its students and instructors to communicate in a new way which pushes the boundaries of their engagement and effectiveness.

Myth 4: Online credits may not transfer to another school.  Students, who learn online or on a campus, may run into issues when transferring their credits from school to school.   Just because you earned your credits online, doesn’t make it any more difficult.   Again, conduct your research before enrolling to help avoid issues like this down the road.

Myth 5: Online students cannot meet with their instructors.  Some institutions offer online learning even if their campus is located nearby.  In that case, you can schedule an appointment to meet your online instructor.  In other situations, your school may only be online, so you can meet with your teacher via online chat, phone, email, Skype, etc.  Many online courses have regularly scheduled online chat sessions to encourage both students and instructors to interact and ask questions.

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Jamii Peterson