Resume Objectives

The Purpose of a Good Resume

Your resume is a tool that will help you earn an interview with a potential future employer. Your resume will advertise you, your education, your skills, your credentials and any other information that will help get you a job. It represents you in the best light. When writing your resume, try not to only mention your skills but also the direct results of your skills.

Your resume will help you pass the first screening process. If you have enough years of education and the experience your potential employer is looking for, then you’ll at least get to that second level. An effective resume gets you a phone call which gets you an interview.

Your resume helps establish you as a professional person. That’s why it’s important to have it formatted, spellchecked and revised for grammatical errors. You don’t want a simple mistake to stop you from getting that interview. This will show your potential employer that you are organized, well-spoken and, ultimately, professional. In other words, it’s your fist impression.

Your resume can also serve almost as a business card. When you’re job hunting or having informal interviews, you can leave behind a copy of your resume as a reminder of who you are. It contains all your personal information like name, phone number and email.

It states your history, too. This consists of where you’ve been but also should include where you’re headed. You can accomplish that with a clean and concise job objective.

On a more personal level, your resume helps you put your thoughts together and clarify for yourself what it is you want. It lists your qualifications, strengths, skills, education and so on. It is a constant reminder of what you’re capable of and can boost your confidence.

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