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Creativity and business savvy skills are a must for anyone looking to start a career in the fashion, art or design industry. Fashionistas can turn their passion into a career by becoming a fashion designer, fashion marketer, fashion merchandiser or fashion photographer. The fashion industry is constantly changing with new trends and styles and is always looking for fresh and talented innovators. Jobs available in the art and design industry can range anywhere from photography to interior design to architecture to animation to video game design. Just as trendy as fashion, when art develops, it requires new ideas from new artists just like you!

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Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is “the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.” ( A Graphic Designer takes an idea and brings it to life through different elements, such as a package, poster, website, banner, magazine, and more. Graphic designers use software including Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, among many others. Usually people who are creative and detail-oriented do very well as graphic designers. Graphic Designers are employed by businesses, advertising agencies, design companies, and more.

The Pros & Cons


  • Those who enjoy being creative and letting their ideas come into fruition really enjoy graphic design.
  • Graphic Designers can create beautiful pieces for products, publications, websites, and more.
  • Graphic Designers are also free to work as contractors and work from home or wherever they please.
  • They create their own hours and can have as many or as little clients as they want.


  • Some Graphic Designers do not have the freedom to create and design the way that they choose.
  • If you are part of an agency, you must work full time and normal hours and are paid a salary, not hourly.
  • Some designers do not like designing based off of client wants or needs because they do not agree on style or other creative issues.
  • Graphic Designers also can spend a lot of time going back and forth in communication with clients to finally decide on what they like.

Schooling for Graphic Design

Most Graphic Designers earn bachelor’s degrees, bot associate’s degrees are also available. These programs allow students to develop their technical and design skills, create portfolios of their work, and receive the software they need to design for their career. Some colleges offer a BA in Fine Arts and are comprised heavily in design coursework and liberal arts instruction. Students in Graphic Design will learn drawing, book design, digital media, photography, and more. To find a Graphic Design school near you, use our college search tool!


What is a Fashion Degree?

Fashion design includes creative individuals with an eye for color, texture, line, and style. There are a wide range of options for someone who is interested in a Fashion degree. Those who obtain a degree can focus on a particular industry that they are interested in, whether it be fashion photography, design, fashion management or marketing, journalism, merchandising, fashion buying, PR, etc. If you enjoy fashion, new trends, and working hard then a job in design might be for you!

The Pros & Cons


  • Working in the fashion industry is known to be fun and fast paced.
  • The environment is upbeat and most are very creative.
  • Those in fashion also enjoy traveling for their job to either go to a show, pick up clothing, or go to potential buyers in other countries.
  • People in fashion also enjoy being able to work creatively and outside the box.


  • Working in fashion can be hard to predict when it comes to salary and hours.
  • Financial stability is not a strong point in the industry, and those starting out in fashion work very late hours and sometimes feel very stressed with deadlines that clients make.
  • Those in fashion also have to deal with a lot of criticism, critique, and issues will come up over time.

Education Requirements for a Fashion Degree

A bachelor’s degree will include lectures, workshops, and fashion courses offered throughout your 4 years in school. You will be assessed on your skills through exams, team projects, presentations, and more. Most fashion positions do not require a certain grade from your classes, but do require you to submit a portfolio of your work.

Photography Degree

What is a Photography Degree?

Photography is an amazing degree for those who are creative, love capturing moments in time, or enjoy being around people, places, or things. Photography is a passion for many people, so being able to make it a career is very rewarding and enjoyable to most. But, successful photographers didn’t just “pick it up”. To be a great photographer you must learn fundamental design concepts, color theory, editing software, and more.

The Pros & Cons


  • A career in photography can be beneficial because you have the freedom to be self-employed and freelance your work whenever you are willing.
  • Photographers have flexible work schedules and are able to choose the type of jobs they will do.
  • Photographers also can choose to specialize in journalism, portrait, commercial, or fine arts.


  • Working as a photographer is beneficial in many ways, but likewise there are many cons to the job as well.
  • Working conditions for photographers can be dangerous (if you’re in photojournalism), and many work irregular or long work hours.
  • Many work nights or weekends dependent on their area of photography (weddings or family portraits).
  • Photographers also have a huge competition and with the rise in social media and mobile phones many people are opting to take their own photos.
  • Equipment for photography can also be very expensive, which decent professional cameras starting at $1,000.

Schooling for Photography

If you’re interested in taking your passion for photography to the next level, then finding the right college is very important! An Associate’s degree in photography helps prepare graduates for entry-level positions in the field like production assistant, digital retoucher, photography assistant, or working for a smaller company. You’ll also learn light, color, business practices, and more. You could also do freelance with an associate’s degree as well, but you would have less technical experience to prepare you. An Associate’s program usually takes two years to complete. A Bachelor’s degree in photography takes usually four years and is a program uniquely tailored to fit your needs as a student. You’ll receive all the training and technical skills that you need to be on your own, running a business, and shooting spectacular photos. Are you interested in making photography your career? Search for a college near you!

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