The Top 4 Nicest Dorm Rooms in the United States


You have heard rumors and had nightmares about your future college dorm. You are crammed into a teeny tiny space with a half dozen strangers. You have to share the toilet with the entire hallway, the shower, and every other square inch of space. However, there are a handful of colleges and universities that go above and beyond in the campus housing category. If you have the option to enroll at any of these institutes, you will be living in beautiful accommodations.

1. Washington University in St. Louis, MO

nicest-dorm-rooms-washington-universityThese dorms have been compared to castles and resorts. With balconies, room service, a full-time maintenance team, and a cleaning staff, you will feel like you are on vacation living here. The modern rooms are extremely luxurious with Tempur-pedic mattresses in every single room. When it comes to quality, Washington University sets the standards very high. See Campus

These dorms have been deemed the best in the country for years.

2.  Pomona College in Claremont, CA


Known as mini palaces, these dorm rooms are more like hotels. The upper-class dorms feature fireplaces, crown moldings, beautiful courtyards, and relaxing lounges. Housekeeping is sure to keep your common areas neat and tidy. The freshman dorms are not as spacious; however, the college is known for its extensive matching system in order to pair the ideal roommates together. If you are not interested in a roommate, students have the option to live alone! Check out Pompona College

This is one feature you will not find on many campuses.


3.  Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME

nicest-dorm-rooms-bowndoin-collegeNearly everyone lives on campus for its accommodating perks. The college blends in well with the beautiful community. In fact, each freshman dorm is associated with a social house! This unique feature makes it easy to make friends and find groups with similar interests. Having a social house to call your own is pretty cool in general. Students also have the option to live in apartments and fraternity houses opposed to dorms. See School

All are clean, spacious, and newly renovated.



4. Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA

nicest-dorm-rooms-christopher-newport-universityThis campus is known for being fun. The dorm rooms are so spacious they are like apartments with full-size kitchens, living rooms, and washers and dryers. Each student gets his or her own closet and bedroom. The best part: no communal bathrooms! Students only have to share with a couple people from their room rather than an entire hallway. See Campus

The lounges are equally enjoyable with televisions, desks, and games such as ping pong.


Remember, all good things come at a price. Nothing in life is free, especially college. In order to enjoy the finer things in life, you may have to shell out extra cash. Room and board rates are expensive at any college, but these four in particular may cost a pretty penny. Is it worth it?


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