Three Career Change Questions

A recent article from, asks you to ask yourself three questions to determine if you are ready for a career change.

What kind of career training and technical training do you want?

Today’s work industry requires that employees have more than just a high school diploma. Education at a career school or technical college will earn you a degree, certificate or diploma in a variety of programs such as Business and Legal, Beauty and Wellness, Culinary Arts, Education and Computers and Technology. Before you decide what program you would like to study, take the time to research the field and the different occupations within it. You can talk to your guidance counselor or working professionals in the field to gather more information.

What preparation will you need to start your new career?

While researching your field of choice, you may discover that the occupation you wish to study for requires a specific certification or license. For example, most public and private schools require their teachers to have a teacher’s certification to get a teaching position. Also, student’s looking to become a hair stylist, nail technician or makeup artist, will need a cosmetology certification. Proper career training is essential when looking to begin a new career and you should make sure you are prepared with the appropriate licensing and education.

Will future employers accept the certification and training I have taken?
Before you begin your career training, contact the Human Resources or employment office of the place you wish to work. Double check their requirements for employment. You may also inquire about any technical or career training schools they suggest.

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